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An award-winning, Alaska-based micropress publishing books across genres and latitudes.



Edible Alaska is a culinary magazine and online presence dedicated to Alaska’s local food movement. We advocate for a strong local food economy while exploring Alaska’s rich culinary and cultural landscape. We use the power of story to celebrate our state’s unique food traditions, new culinary trends, and the people who shape the local food scene. We celebrate local farmers and fishermen, food artisans and brewers, chefs and home cooks, foragers and wildcrafters, subsistence practitioners and food entrepreneurs. Published four times a year with gorgeous photography, insightful writing, and satisfying, achievable recipes, Edible Alaska is available by subscription and at partnering businesses throughout the state.

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I spent ten years—2010 through 2020—heavily involved with 49 Writers, a literary nonprofit founded in the 49th state to engage and expand a statewide community of Alaskan writers and readers. After six years of board service after helping to found the organization, I shifted into the Executive Director role. 49 Writers fosters a vibrant community of diverse Alaskan writers and readers coming together to find and share their voices. It brings core values of creativity, craft, and culture to bear in meeting that mission. We served Alaskans through creative writing workshops and classes, literary events and salons, multi-day retreats, the Active Voice podcast and a collaborative blog, and more. 


With a track record in nonprofit management and governance and a firm footing in the arts, I founded Overstory Consulting early in 2013. Specializing in project management, writing, and editing, I've completed large and small jobs on short- and long-term contracts alike for private foundations, nonprofits, state and federal agencies, mission-driven for-profit businesses, and individuals.

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