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  • Jeremy Pataky

One year later, ten years past

One year ago today, life off the 49 Writers clock began for me for the first time in a good decade... ten years that elapsed in a ratio of 60% as a founding board member to 40% executive director. The world was encountering early ripples of the pandemic, and other fires needed stoking. What a year it's been. I went down the rabbit hole tonight looking at photos, which brought a lot of good 49 Writers memories to mind. Most memories went undocumented, but a pile turned up. This little anniversary falls on April Fool's Day, which also happens to kick off National Poetry Month. Long live 49! If for no other reason than to know how to find them later, I'll post these, out of order, with a toast to literary abandon, national poetic April foolishness, process, and the next ten.


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